HeadshotHeadshot HeadshotHeadshot HeadshotHeadshot HeadshotHeadshot TV pilot 'Possible Side Effects'TV pilot 'Possible Side Effects' Father Riley in 'Day of Salvation'Father Riley in 'Day of Salvation' Detective in the film 'Brighton Park'Detective in the film 'Brighton Park' Mr. Petroski in 'Liar's Mask'Mr. Petroski in 'Liar's Mask' Infomercial pitchmanInfomercial pitchman Dr. in Biotech IndustrialDr. in Biotech Industrial Film 'With A Little Help'Film 'With A Little Help' Movie exec in 'The Rise and Fall of Tobias'Movie exec in 'The Rise and Fall of Tobias' Guido Boccelli in 'Pasta Fazool'Guido Boccelli in 'Pasta Fazool' TV series 'Kings'TV series 'Kings' mad scientistmad scientist Outback Jack McGlynnOutback Jack McGlynn Zombie in 'The Unloved'Zombie in 'The Unloved' mafia enforcermafia enforcer TV pilot 'Little Hollywood'TV pilot 'Little Hollywood' Film 'A Means To An End'Film 'A Means To An End' nerdy science teachernerdy science teacher Bartender in 'The Playstation Killed The Puppet'Bartender in 'The Playstation Killed The Puppet' Biker in 'War at the Shore'Biker in 'War at the Shore' Homeless man in 'No Haven'Homeless man in 'No Haven' Don von Dom in 'Pigeon Soup'Don von Dom in 'Pigeon Soup' Amelia's Grocery commercialAmelia's Grocery commercial 1920's boxing fan in 'The Ultimate Fighter'1920's boxing fan in 'The Ultimate Fighter'  Big Jimmy Dunham in 'Down the Lanes' Big Jimmy Dunham in 'Down the Lanes' Dead Uncle Hymie in 'I'm O'Reilly, He's Fineberg'Dead Uncle Hymie in 'I'm O'Reilly, He's Fineberg' Professor in TV Pilot Professor in TV Pilot "How to Get Away With Murder"
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